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Available for 2-doors, 4-5 doors, and SUV. Our high quality films are 99% UV rated.


Perfect film suited to Australia’s harsh conditions. High heat resistance with good looks. Great value for money. Available in 35% and 20% shade.


Premium film with an ultra-high heat resistance. Perfect in achieving VIP looks. Available in 38% and 22% shade.

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Why Window Tinting is Beneficial?

We at Aussie Tint believe that not tinting your car windows is like sunbathing without sunscreen: you’re just not protecting yourself properly. It looks thin and flimsy, but a window tint film can filter more than 90% of harmful UV rays and reduce up to 70% of a car’s internal temperature. Perfect for Australian weather.






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Having looked after the automotive needs of over 35,000 Australian motorists, we know how to deliver industry-best service at the very best value.

- Nate Williams, Adelaide

Fast, friendly, and affordable. What more can I say? You guys gave me a great service. Two thumbs up.

- James Marcus, Canberra

I love how you guys take care of your customers. Customer support is friendly, and your installation guys move fast. 10/10, will call on you guys again when I have a new car!

- Sarah Martin, Melbourne

My son loves the new windows on our car. He’s not complaining about it being too hot inside anymore. He’s also happy that the sun doesn’t hurt his eyes like it used to. I’m very happy with the results. You promised good service, and you delivered. If you were a hotel, I’d rate you five stars!

- Trina Brown, Sydney

My husband and I are really trying to save money, and we couldn’t afford the $450 window tint installation from our car dealership. But didn’t want to risk ourselves and our kids from getting heat stroke and skin cancer because of our unprotected car. Good thing I found you guys online and your services are well within our budget. This might sound cliche, but you guys are lifesavers. Thank you!

- Chris Chan, Sydney

Anyone who wants their car windows tinted should go to you. My neighbor, Bruce, got these bubbly windows on his car, and he’s really jealous about your workmanship on my Audi. Asked for details on you immediately. Might be calling you anytime soon. Anyway, thanks guys!


Interest to know more? Questions? Here are our most common queries.

Window tint is not really designed to be DIY. It actually takes significant talent and experience to window tint to a professional level. Ensuring no mistakes and longevity of the final job.

We have a nationwide installation network. We will get the job done to your satisfaction.

The USA is recognised as the premier supplier and manufacturer of quality window films. All our films are from the USA and so our quality is far superior to many of the localised tint shops selling cheap and unrecognised films.

Quality doesn’t have to cost the earth. We are the importer, so we sell direct and share the savings.

Because we are a reputable business with over 45 years servicing the dealer and retail sector here in Australia, you can buy with peace of mind. We pride ourselves on our aftersales service. To the extent that we will follow you up to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us via our Customer Service form for any issues.

We cater to any and all of the following car brands!