Tip 1 – Ceramic Coat

Your Maxxi Tech ceramic coating is now already suitable for all conditions.

Like many chemical treatments, it will get harder and tougher over the next seven days. For this reason,

we ask you to be especially aware of any damaging contaminants or abrasive car washes, remove these

contaminants immediately and refrain from these car washes for a seven-day period.

It is also suggested that during this time you give your vehicle a quick dry-off after driving in wet weather,

remember to only use a soft, clean microfibre cloth or chamois. Better still, use your leaf blower to walk around the

car pushing the water from the top to the bottom, down off the surface area thus creating a touchless drying process.

Be mindful not to touch the tip of the leaf blower to the paintwork, but to remove residual water in a touchless


Tip 2 – Wash Your Car Every Two Weeks

Whether you use your car daily or occasionally, you still need to wash your car every two weeks. Regular

washing will help avoid the build-up of contaminants.

Tip 3 – Do Not Wash the Vehicle in Direct Sunlight

Ideally, it is best to wash your car out of direct sunlight, so the washed surfaces are cooler. This will help

avoid water spots and ensure an optimum finish.

Tip 4 – Use an Automotive Specific Car Shampoo

Use a quality PH Neutral car shampoo as these shampoos are automotive-specific products that do not

contain harsh abrasives, chemical agents, or other contaminants.

Tip 5 – Washing your Car

When washing your car, it is vital to use a high-pressure water hose or gun to remove as much surface dirt and

contaminants prior to applying your PH-neutral shampoo and touching your paint surface with a sponge or

microfibre cloth. Always ensure you wash from the top to the bottom down as this allows the sides to fall away from

the surface. Don’t allow grit or contaminants to get caught up in the wash mitt as this will create

scratches and unwanted swirl marks. This is not covered by the warranty. Rinse your wash mitt

thoroughly and regularly.

Tip 6 – Always Use Separate Wash Buckets and Mitts for Wheels

Brake dust is microscopic pieces of metal shavings that your tires and wheels collect. So don’t let these

tiny pieces of metal get in contact with your ceramic coat by simply using a different wash mitt.

Avoid the following: Bird or bat droppings, tree sap or pollen on the car while baking in the sun; and any

kind of chemical or mechanical abrasive on the paint (e.g. polish, clay bar)

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